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Cozy up in the Zecliner Model 2 Power Lift Sleep Chair, your perfect family recliner by day, and haven for peaceful sleep by night. The zoned memory foam comfort areas in the backrest, seat, and shoulders; removable cooling head pillow; padded arms; and waterfall chaise provide surrounding comfort. The hand wand control lets you customize your comfort. Zero Gravity puts you in a state of weightlessness, and power lift assists when standing. This recliner is armed with reliable performance fabric upholstery that repels stains and spills, while being easy to clean. With Flexsteel’s patented Blue Steel Spring™ at its core, this recliner has surrounding comfort for relaxation and slumber. Achieve blissful relaxation by day and a rejuvenating sleep by night with the Zecliner.

  • Upholstered in a light shell beige performance fabric that is durable and easy to clean, and has superior resistance to moisture penetration
  • Larger size comfortably fits users over six feet in height
  • Built to last with Flexsteel’s patented Blue Steel Spring™ seat system, providing unmatched support and durability
  • Power lift provides assistance when getting in and out of the chair
  • Customize your comfort with a hand wand control that adjusts the headrest, lumbar support and Zero Gravity recline independently
  • High-resiliency and memory foam zoned comfort in the backrest and seat provides additional support and pressure point relief
  • Hand wand control includes presets for relaxation and sleep settings which can be reprogrammed to any position of your choice, while the wand control can be accessed from either side of the recliner to accommodate your dominant hand
  • User-friendly MyRecline app technology allows you full control of your Zecliner's functions easily from your phone
  • Motion-activated LED base lighting turns on when you approach or get out of the recliner, and can be adjusted in brightness and color in the MyRecline app
  • Two side pockets on each side of the recliner provide ample space for storing magazines, remotes, and more
  • USB-port located in the hand wand provides convenient charging for your devices
  • Removable back allow for easy lifting and maneuvering through doorways
  • Model Number: 1092-55PH-35201
44H x 40W x 42L

Proven to Enhance Sleep

A recent study with SleepScore Labs reported a 121% increase in overall sleep quality.

The Zecliner was designed and built with restful sleep in mind; making it the ideal choice for a bed-alternative.

Zecliner SleepScore Validated Feature Image
Zecliner Blue Steel Spring Feature Image

Blue Steel Spring™ Comfort

Zecliner chairs are built with Flexsteel’s patented Blue Steel Spring™ seat system provides unmatched, lasting support and durability.

This innovative design prevents sagging over time, offering a consistently comfortable seat.

Zero Gravity Recline

Experience the sensation of weightlessness with the Zero Gravity recline feature. This position reduces pressure on your body, allowing for a deeply relaxing experience.

Perfect for improving circulation and reducing stress on your heart.

Zecliner Model 2 Zero Gravity Feature Image
Zecliner Hand Controls Wand and App Feature Image

Programmable Hand Controls

Easy-to-use controls via a user-friendly hand wand or a convenient smartphone app across different Zecliner models. Set your chair's position for your comfort while reading, watching TV, or napping.

Additionally, a built-in USB-A port in the hand wand ensures your devices stay charged and within reach, offering convenient integration of technology and comfort in your relaxation routine.

Performance Fabrics

LiveSmart Barrier Plus™ cloth is tough, won't let water in, and is great for furniture you use a lot. It stops liquids, so it's good for chairs and sleepers. You can clean it easily, and it keeps your Zecliner looking new by stopping stains and spills.


Cooling Technogel Pillow

The perfect option for those who want additional pressure relief and comfort, these pillows are made with a nontoxic, medical grade cooling gel for a more comfortable sleep experience.


LED Base Lighting

When you approach or exit the recliner, a motion-sensing LED base light switches on and can be dimmed, or color adjusted, using the MyRecline app.

Zecliner Power Lift Feature Image

Power Lift Assistance

Regardless of the Zecliner model you choose, a power lift option is available, ensuring anyone can easily and safely stand up from, or sit into, their chair.

This addition is especially beneficial for those with limited mobility, offering independence and comfort in their daily life.

Your Sleep Chair's Perfect Companion

Transform your chair into a comfortable sleeping area with the Zecliner Sleep Kit. Made from soft, breathable microfiber, this easy-to-install sheet set is gentle on your skin, enhancing sleep quality. Compatible with various Zecliner chair models, the kit includes two fitted sheets and a pillowcase for a cozy sleep.

Ideal for those with mobility challenges or recuperating at home, it provides comfort, protection, and a touch of home, ensuring peaceful rest.

Zecliner Sleep Kit Image

Order your Free Fabric Sample

No matter what life throws at you, we designed the Zecliner to hold up to every day life. Two luxurious fabric choices are offered in neutral gray tones and are moisture- and stain-resistant, making them perfect for all-day enjoyment, even for homes with pets and kids. The Nanobionic fabric includes an added coating of infrared emitting minerals that use your body's heat to recycle its energy and aid in recovery and more restful sleep.

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