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Warranty & Repairs

Where is the warranty information for my furniture?

Please visit the Warranty page.

How do I file a warranty claim?

Please contact us with a report of any defects along with proof of purchase as soon as possible.

If the damaged furniture is more than a year old, you will be responsible for covering shipping and labor costs incurred in repair.

Can I order replacement parts?

Please contact us for replacement parts.

Care & Cleaning

How do I clean my new Flex furniture?

Messes happen. Livesmart Evolve is engineered for easy cleanup.

All spills should be treated promptly for the best results and ease of removal. Most spills can be cleaned by gently lifting the spill with a paper towel, or a clean, dry, absorbent cloth.

1. Mix – Use a water-based soap mixture that combines 1 teaspoon of liquid detergent, such as Tide, with 16 ounces of lukewarm water.
2. Blot – Dampen the cleaning cloth in the mixture and gently blot the soiled area. Avoid rubbing the affected area aggressively.
3. Rinse – Rinse the area with a clean, damp cloth to ensure all soap residue is removed.

Removing dried non-liquid spills may require a soft brush or butter knife on the affected area before wet treatment. Excessive spills may require consultation with a professional upholstery cleaning company.

Visit our Warranty page for full details on fabric cleaning and warranty information.

What is fabric pilling, and how do I remove it?

Pilling is characteristic of many fabrics and is caused by excess fiber coming off the fabric surface. This excess fiber forms small balls or “pills” on the fabric. Pilling will persist until the excess fiber has been released. The best treatment is to simply shave the fabric with a battery-operated furniture or sweater shaver to remove the pills and restore the look of the fabric surface.

Note: Pilling is not warranted by fabric mills or by Flexsteel. Pilling is a normal characteristic of many fabrics, and it is not considered a defect.

Does Flexsteel use fire-retardant chemicals in its foam?

No, Flexsteel home furniture is free from fire-retardant chemicals. Flexsteel fabrics introduced after January 1, 2015, meet California TB 117-2013 flammability standards.

Does Flexsteel furniture contain Formaldehyde?

No, all Flexsteel furniture is CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant. Also, all our finishes are lead free.

Order Status

Where is Flex made?

Flex is manufactured in the United States and Mexico.

Where can Flex be shipped and how is it delivered?

Flex ships same day or next business day straight to your door via small parcel to any of the contiguous (lower 48) United States.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently do not ship internationally.

How can I track my order?

Please visit the Track Order page.

Do you offer white glove delivery or assembly?

Due to the easy assembly nature of Flex, we do not offer white glove, in-home delivery, or assembly services.

If you need help assembling, we recommend having a friend help you out.

What's your return and exchange policy?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to providing you with an excellent customer experience and that we stand behind the merchandise we sell, including a 30-day return policy. We cannot accept any returns without a proof of purchase. If you have delivery or product-related questions, please contact us using the following information to determine the best course of action:


Call:  888-415-3979


Returns and Restocking

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please let us know. We cannot accept any returns without a proof of purchase through  For your convenience, you can count on our Customer Service team having a full record of all transactions online at  In your correspondence with our Customer Service team, please be sure to provide your name, shipping address, order number and photos of any issues you have identified regarding your ordered product.

Product Arrives Damaged or Not As Pictured

Defective or damaged orders are covered by our warranty and are not subject to any return shipping fees, as long as the original packaging has been retained. Upon inspection of your order post-delivery to your home, if you notice something faulty or missing but the item is still usable, please keep the item and contact Customer Care via the contact us fields below on this page to arrange for a replacement part or to schedule a repair. Damaged items will have parts sent or exchanged at no charge. Photos of the damaged merchandise will be required.  If damaged products are beyond repair, please contact Customer Service for next steps to process your refund and return (we may advise that you donate any usable part of the product or entertain alternative disposal methods). We also offer a one-time free exchange if your product arrives damaged and we cannot provide the appropriate replacement parts on a timely basis.


Order has not shipped yet:

If your order has not yet shipped, please contact Customer Care via the contact us fields below on this page to determine if your order can be canceled. If the product has been packed and prepared for delivery, a 10% restocking fee will generally apply.

Order has shipped:

If an order has shipped at the time the cancellation request is received and the order is delivered anyway, our Customer Service team will coordinate pickup for the cancelled merchandise.  Merchandise may be returned for a full refund within 30 days of receipt of merchandise provided all original packaging has been retained, however we charge a shipping fee equal to 10% of what you paid for the product, with the original packaging intact.  If you do not have the original packaging intact, the fee is 20% of the paid value.  The fee is capped to not exceed $250.

Eligibility for Returns if Cancelled or Changed Mind:

Products must be in usable condition to be eligible for return (e.g., no stains, tears or other soiling including odors). Accepting returns is at the sole discretion of Flexsteel Customer Service judgement of the state of the products.  Flexsteel reserves the right to refuse any returns. Customer Service may request descriptions and images to determine the state of the products prior to accepting returns. Failure to comply with requests by Flexsteel may result in refusal of return. Failure to complete the returns process within 1 week of being provided instructions from our Customer Service team may result in refusal of return.

  • Customers may return a maximum of two (2) products per initial order, validated by a customer name or shipping address.
  • If at least one of a particular product type is returned from an initial order, that customer or shipping address will not be eligible for additional 30-day trials on subsequent orders of that particular product (i.e. if you return a specific dining chair, you will not be eligible for 30-day trials on future orders on the same dining chair).
  • Missing an appointment for a return to be picked up from your address will incur a fee. This fee will be clearly disclosed at the time Customer Service schedules a pickup on the customer's behalf. 


These items are sold at a generous discount and therefore are not returnable, as they are final sale.

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