Flex Assembly Section

Build out for a Sectional​

Sectional Build Pre-Plan Flex

Prepare your layout by setting the seat boxes where you want your sectional placed. All of the rails on the seat boxes should be on the sides, and the non-railed sides should be facing front/back.

Sectional Build Step 1a Arms Flex Sectional Build Step 1b Arms Flex


Step 2: Backs

Insert J-Brackets into the white indicators on the backs. Then, slide the backs with the J-Brackets onto the seat bases.

Sectional Build Step 3a Arms Flex

Step 3A: Corner Back

Insert the J-Brackets into the white indicators on the corner back and drop the corner back into the corner seat base.

Sectional Build Step 3b Arms Flex

Step 3B: Securing the Corner Back

Secure the corner back by using a C-Clip for the side-to-side connection.

Sectional Build Step 4a Arms Flex

Step 4A: Arms

Add C-Clips to the far sides of the sectional seat bases that have rails. Place J-Brackets into the white indicators in the arms and slide the arms into the ends of the seat bases. Make sure the front of the arm is even with the front of the seat base.

Note: The arm has a slit in the fabric on the bottom to allow the C-Clip to hold it.

Sectional Build Step 4b Arms Flex

4B: Secure the Arms

Attach the C-Clips to the white discs in each corner to connect the back to the arms. Line up the holes of the C-Clip and white disc and fasten securely with a thumbscrew.

Sectional Build Step 5 Arms Flex

Step 5: Blue Steel Spring Suspension

Set the suspension into each seat box. The “Front” tag should be facing the front of the sectional seats.

Sectional Build Step 6 Arms Flex Sectional Build Step 7 Arms Flex